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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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1742]                   To Horace Mann                    231
Thy horse does things by halves, like thee:
Thou, with irresolution, Hurt'st friend and foe, thyself and me,
The King and Constitution.
The list I meant: you must know, some time ago, before the change, they had moved for a Committee to examine, and state the public accounts: it was passed. Finding how little success they had with their Secret Committee, they have set this on foot, and we were to ballot for seven commissioners, who are to have a thousand a year. We balloted yesterday: on our list were Sir Eichard Corbet", Charles Hamilton15 (Lady Archibald's brother), Sir William Middle-ton16, Mr. West, Mr. Fonnereau, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Ellis17. On theirs, Mr. Bance, George Grenville, Mr. Hooper, Sir Charles Mordaunt18, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Pitt, and Mr. Stuart19. On casting up the numbers, the four first on ours, and the three first on their list, appeared to have the majority: so no great harm will come from this, should it pass the Lords ; which it is not likely to do. I have now told you, I think, all the political news, except that the troops continue going to Flanders, though we hear no good news yet from Holland.
If we can prevent any dispute between the two Houses, it is believed and much hoped by the Court, that the Secret Committee will desire to be dissolved: if it does, there is an end of all this tempest!
14  Fourth Baronet, of Longnor and Leighton,  Montgomeryshire;   M.P. for Shrewsbury ; d. 1774.
15  Ninth   son   of  sixth   Earl   of Abercorn; Comptroller of the Green Cloth to the Prince of Wales ;  M.P. for Truro; Eeceiver-General of Minorca, 1743.
16  Third Baronet, of Belsay Castle, Northumberland;   M.P.    for   Northumberland ; d. 1757.
" Welbore Ellis (1713-1802), cr. (Aug.  13, 1794) Baron  Mendip, of
Mendip, Somersetshire; M.P. for Cricklade; Lord of the Admiralty, 1747-55; Joint Vice-Treasurer of Ireland, 1756-61, 1765-66, 1770-77; Secretary at War, 1762-65; Treasurer of the Navy, 1777-82; Secretary of State for America, February-March, 1782.
18  Sixth Baronet, of Massingham, Norfolk ;   M.P.   for Warwickshire ; d. 1778.
19  Hon. John Stuart, son of seventh Earl of Moray; M.P. for Anstruther.